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President's Message

From all of us at Nanoose Library, our heartfelt thanks to our wonderful community for your continued support.  We would not have been able to remain open if not for the bottle recycling, sale of books and membership sales.  

We are so very lucky to live were we do.  While we do not know what lies ahead, with your help we look forward to continue to keep our lovely library open for all.

Thank you again and we look forward to seeing you all in 2021.



Please note that due to Covid 19 we are not currently renting our hall or taking future reservations.   

NOW OPEN:  Library Book Store


Due to the damp & cold, we've had to move our mini book sale off the front porch of the library.  Even better though, since we can't have our fall book sale & we have so many books, we've decided to set up tables with books for sale, in the hall.  All books only $1.00.

***All Paperbacks now .50 each***


  Access to the book store will be through the library and there will be a limit of 3 people maximum at one time.  The store will have the same hours as the library and the same social distancing rules, hand sanitizing etc. will apply.  So come on in and load up on some great reads!   

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Book Donations


 We will continue to accept book donations but we are not able to take really old books in poor shape, technical manuals and magazines.  We really do appreciate the donations but we just don't have the space to store books we know will likely not sell, nor do we have a place to take them to.


Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  We have enough books set aside to see you through the fall & winter  

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!

I just finished reading "Garden of Lamentations" by Deborah Crombie.

Brilliant crime mystery with Scotland Yard detectives.  Well worth reading!


Our bottle recycling program continues to be a big success so thank you everyone for your donations.  The money we get from taking back all the recycling goes a long way to keeping our doors open.  

The volunteers who assist in the sorting, bagging and returning of everything we receive work so hard and we are so grateful for the time they spend doing this!

Have a look at some of our recent additions to our collection


Coming Soon!

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