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Spring is here!  Come in and check us out.

Lots of new books added to our  Collection-see the latest below in Jacquie's Journal!!

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April 7, 2021

All of us at the Library want to express our gratitude to Glen Saunders from the Flying Fish in Nanaimo.  Glen stopped by the library in mid March and noticed the tarp over the shed we use to sort bottles.  Library volunteer David Helem was there and Glen on the spot offered to have a new roof put on the shed for us.

This fantastic & generous offer came to fruition this past Saturday.  Glen hired contractor Lloyd Jones from Love Contracting to do the roof.  Glen had Lloyd match the shingles so that they would go with the other roofs on the property.  Lloyd sourced a skylight which will give more light inside to anyone sorting bottles.  He also took some time to fix some of the flashing on the main library roof.

All of this work was done in one day with Lloyd on the roof and Glen working hard on the ground clearing up the debris.  Glen also cleaned out the gutters on the main library building and did some weed wacking on the property as well.  All the materials, labour etc have been donated by Glen, as well as his time spent working hard alongside Lloyd.  The generosity of the people in our community never fails to amaze me.  To have someone drive up to our property, see a need and take the reins to fix is truly awe inspiring.


If you haven't yet had an opportunity to visit the Flying Fish in Nanaimo, it is truly worth going.  As well as great kitchen items there's lots of neat gifts, cards, clothing & furniture.  It's more important now than ever that we support our local businesses and trades because they sure support our community!

For anyone needing a contractor Lloyd did a fantastic job on the roof and you can reach out to him

at 1-639-471-4622 or Instagram:Lovecontracting.lloyd



Glen & Lloyd at the end of the day.  Great Job and well done guys!
Vickie Kirk
Nanoose Library-President

Please note that due to Covid 19 we are not currently renting our hall or taking future reservations.   

Books, lot and lots of books...........
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NOW OPEN:  Library Book Store


Due to the damp & cold, we've had to move our mini book sale off the front porch of the library.  Even better though, since we can't have our Spring book sale & we have so many books, we've decided to set up tables with books for sale, in the hall.  All books only $1.00.

***All Paperbacks now .50 each***


  Access to the book store will be through the library and there will be a limit of 3 people maximum at one time.  The store will have the same hours as the library and the same social distancing rules, hand sanitizing etc. will apply.  So come on in and load up on some great reads!   

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Pink to Orange Gradient
Book Donations


 We will continue to accept book donations but we are not able to take really old books in poor shape, technical manuals and magazines.  We really do appreciate the donations but we just don't have the space to store books we know will likely not sell, nor do we have a place to take them to.


Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  We have enough books set aside to see you through the Spring and Summer!!

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!


I just finished reading "Garden of Lamentations" by Deborah Crombie.

Brilliant crime mystery with Scotland Yard detectives.  Well worth reading!


Our bottle recycling program continues to be a big success so thank you everyone for your donations.  The money we get from taking back all the recycling goes a long way to keeping our doors open.  

The volunteers who assist in the sorting, bagging and returning of everything we receive work so hard and we are so grateful for the time they spend doing this!

Recycling Bottles
Beer Delivery

Have a look at some of our recent additions to our collection


Coming Soon!

Colorful Book Spines

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