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Library Hours: 
Tues - Fri 10  AM  to 4  PM
Sat 1-4 PM


2489 Nanoose Road
Nanoose Bay BC V9P 9E6

Corner of Nanoose Road and Northwest Bay Road

Love is in the air...

Our beautiful hall is available for rent.  Check out the hall details including cost and availability on the Hall tab-upper right hand corner.

The Friends of Nanoose Library Centre Society would like to acknowledge Mosaic Forest Management for their recent donation to our library.  Mosaic's generous support and their belief that our Library Centre is a valuable and important local resource will help ensure that we continue to thrive in our community.

We are indeed grateful to our private and corporate donors for their generous and thoughtful monetary gifts.  These donations go a long way towards the continued successful operation of our wonderful library and we thank all those that support us.

We are also very grateful for the hard work of our many library volunteers.  We wouldn't be here without your loyalty and dedication.  We would also like to acknowledge and thank the community of Nanoose Bay for continuing to support the library and our ongoing fundraising activities.  We couldn't do what we do without you.


If you are interested in making a donation to the Library, kindly contact our President, Vickie Kirk at 250-468-9977.  Upon request, a tax receipt will be provided with your minimum donation of $25.00


For information on Mosaic's community initiatives, please go to their website at and click on News & Views in the upper right hand corner and click on the photo headed Mosaic's Annual Holiday Season of Giving Campaign for a complete list of recipients.


Left to Right

Sue Vella-Fundraising Committee, Nanoose Library

Pam Jorgenson-Land Use Forester, Mosaic Forest Management

Vickie Kirk-President, Nanoose Library

Have a look at some of our recent additions to our collection


Colorful Book Spines

To see the December 2022 New Books  Click Here

To see the November 2022  New Books   Click Here




Pink to Orange Gradient
Book Donations


 We will continue to accept book donations but we are not able to take older books, books in poor shape, technical manuals or magazines.  We appreciate the donations but we don't have the space to store books we know will likely not sell, nor do we have a place to take them to.

Thank you for your ongoing support and understanding.  We have enough books set aside to see you through the Spring and Summer!!

We look forward to seeing all of you soon!


Our bottle recycling program continues to be a big success so thank you everyone for your donations.  The money we get from taking back all the recycling goes a long way to keeping our doors open.  

The volunteers who assist in the sorting, bagging and returning of everything we receive work so hard and we are so grateful for the time they spend doing this!

Recycling Bottles
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